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西和テキスタイルプリント㈱ 高品質で快適な生産。プロフェッショナル向けトータルシステムを提供します。今までの作成現場のフラストレーションを一気に解決します。発色に納得がいかない。濃度が出ない。乾きが遅い。インクが詰まる。ゴースト (滲み) が出る。転写時に煙が多い。

 With Seiwa Textile Print, high quality production offers total professional system in printing solutions and technological supplies, not only gives our costumer the product they need but at the same time give them the edges for a better productivity and a more smooth operation, thus eliminating all the frustrations that was before the primary concern of every printing individuals/companies. Striving for a much more low cost but as well quality are given a priority. With years of experience and dedication to give our costumers a total satisfaction. With products ranging from sublimation inks to transfer papers, continuous ink system and other consumables with high quality, you can assure it will  make printing a more easy and worry free production.


Seiwa Sublimation Ink

With best  color output and a quality which is suitable for large format printer such as MUTOH, MIMAKI etc. given much test and  improvements for long hours of production makes our inks a competitive both in performance and price.

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